The Fountainhead Teaching serves those who are ready to remember the Divine Source: the direct, personal realization – beyond mere belief, guesswork or ideology – of Who and What We Are.

Know that this realization is a very real possibility for you or anyone else in this lifetime.

alan teaching (1)The primary teacher and founder of the Fountainhead Teaching is Alan Chapman, who offers the opportunity for retreat and one-to-one guidance.

The Fountainhead Teaching is a new expression of the historically hidden western tradition of spiritual illumination. Although the west has benefited greatly by borrowing wisdom from the east, it is now time for the indigenous wisdom tradition to appear publicly accessible, appropriate and effective for the first time, with the creation of a lineage of spiritually illuminated western teachers to inform the emergence of a new culture of wisdom in the west.

Spiritual awakening has a Source, but is without cause; look to what is unconditionally, effortlessly, always already so, and there you will find That which must always come first, which is none other than your very own Divinity. Beyond all teachers, all traditions, all awakenings, we return to the Divine Source, only to discover it is from the Source, the Unconditional Divine Light, that we have always come.

- Alan Chapman